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Swift 1400 Hard Shell Rooftop Tent

THE HARD SHELL ADVANTAGE: The benefits of a hard shell rooftop tent really come into their own when looking at the convenience of set up and pack up as the hard shell cover itself forms a functional part of the tent’s construction.  The hard shell allows for 1" of polystyrene insulation as well as gas assisted struts for an easy pop-up design.

SUPER FAST SET UP: Set up becomes a breeze with little to no structural poles to place; simply pop it open, roll out the ladder and you’re literally a few steps away from a good night’s sleep.  Packing the tent back up is as easy as removing the flexi-rods, pulling down the lid, packing the collapsable aluminum ladder and closing the latches.

COMFORTABLE AND SPACIOUS: The Swift 1400 features a spacious 51.6" x 86.4" mattress made from a high-density foam and 3D anti-condensation mat that is 3 inches thick.  With a total open height of 63.6" there is plenty of internal head room for sitting up for a game of cards or to simply get changed.  

RUGGED DESIGN FOR ADDITIONAL MOUNTING: The hard outer shell features steel covered aluminum extrusions made for direct mounting of T-slot accessories for a dynamic mounting capacity of up to 110lbs (50kg).  The tent is made from 280gsm ripstop poly-cotton fabric for peace of mind in wet and windy conditions.  Each entry is complete with dual layer 120gsm fine mesh and poly-cotton screen. The front entry point is protected by a hooded awning.

UNIVERSAL MOUNTING: The Swift 1400 features a universal mounting solution that can be mounted onto a variety of crossbars.  When closed this tent's footprint is 90" x 55.2" x 7.2"


  • Set up and pack down as simple as it gets
  • Extruded aluminum construction is suited for roof loads while the perimeter extrusion is suited for direct mounting of T-slot accessories
  • Maximized internal head space over 58.8" at the peak
  • An insulated roof, anti-condensation mat, large windows and additional mesh vents make for a luxurious abode
  • 280gsm ripstop poly-cotton fabric
  • Collapsable aluminum ladder
  • Universal mounting solution for a variety of vehicle crossbars

Trail 4Runner Reviews The Swift 1400 Rooftop Tent

"The tent material is a very thick and robust ripstop fabric. The seams have been sewn and glued and are very well put together. The zippers are satisfyingly smooth and easy to use and have a very wonderful tactile noise and feel when operating them.

The Swift 1400’s price point, ease of use, durability, design, and customer reviews had all steered me in the right direction."
 - Trail 4Runner, read the full review here.

Trail 4Runner puts the Swift on Display:

trail 4runner swift 1400 rooftop tent ironman 4x4
trail 4runner swift 1400 rooftop tent ironman 4x4

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